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Information obligation in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance [VerpackV]

On 01 January 2009, the 5th amendment to the Packaging Ordinance came into effect, which obliges manufacturers and distributors of sales or transport packaging containing goods typically supplied to private end consumers to participate in a dual system.

Original sales packaging of products

Product packaging must be licensed within a German dual system by the manufacturer or importer. This licensing obligation must be fulfilled by those who bring the packaging and product onto the German market for the first time.

For many products, the packaging is an integral part of the product. Packaging is specially designed by the manufacturer for this purpose and to offer optimal protection for the product contained therein. In the event that you need to send back the product during the warranty period, or thereafter, the original packaging is the best way of protecting against transport damage. Also bear in mind that you may wish to sell your product at a later date, in which case, it would be a great advantage to offer the product in its original packaging. We therefore recommend that you retain the original packaging for all products.

Transport packaging for shipping products

We only use high-quality packaging material to ship your orders. This ensures they are kept safe from damage en route to you. Of course, we also bear environmental concerns in mind - the packaging is largely produced using recycled paper, thereby protecting natural resources.

Distributors who are the first to bring transport packaging filled with goods onto the market primarily aimed at sales from private end consumers, must participate in one of the dual systems in force in the respective market. This should ensure that every piece of sales packaging aimed at private end consumers is recorded as part of a system participation contract and the corresponding recycling/recovery fees are paid. registration in German dual system

As a special shipping operator, it goes without saying that fulfils these legal requirements. The German Packaging Ordinance obliges us to ensure that the transport packaging used by us and the sales packaging for the products imported into Germany by are recycled after use. We have joined forces with a very competent partner to ensure this obligation is met.

Recycling-Symbol Grüner Punkt

The Green Dot - Der Grüne Punkt
Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD)
Frankfurter Str. 720-726 - DE 51145 Cologne - Registration number: 5562791

The "Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD)" ensures that sales and transport packaging is collected nationwide, sorted and sent on for recycling/processing. To do so, the DSD contracts local disposal firms to collect the packaging. Thus, as an end consumer, you have the opportunity to simply dispose of packaging with your old newspapers and other scrap paper - any foreign attachments, such as adhesive tapes and labels, do not disrupt the recycling process. This means you can simply place your packaging material into the usual containers (paper container/yellow refuse bag) to be sent off for processing/recycling.

If you have any further questions or require our assistance with disposal, please contact our customer support. We will be glad to help!